Piano Removals Epping

When you’re looking for specialist who has years of experience in handling, preparing, packaging, transferring pianos throughout the UK and beyond, in a word – all aspects of piano removals Epping moving company is the best choice for you. As you may well know lifting and moving a piano is an arduous task, but transferring one to a completely different location is something that takes considerable preparation and care. We take great pride in our ability to prepare, package, handle, and deliver your piano and do so by ensuring, at the very least, that these important factors are taken into account.


1. Ensure the lid remains shut. This is where the most important part of your piano holds it most delicate components – the keyboard. Epping Removals will provide all the necessary packaging to ensure that this part of the process is rigorously followed.

2. If there is anything that can be removed, sticks out, and could possibly be damaged in the move then remove it and package it separately. Most upright pianos have feet, and they are usually for cosmetic purposes only. If they can be unscrewed and removed they should be. If there is to be any damage, which we always try to avoid at Epping Removals, then it is usually because a part of the piano has become loose, or gets caught during the removal. An upright piano should essentially be an elongated square box. Anything on there that stops it from looking like this and we’ll be there to help you remove it, safely package it, and re-assemble it upon arrival.

3. Ensure all parts of the piano that can be seen are covered correctly using the right materials. We use packaging to ensure that no matter what may go wrong on the day of the move, the piano remains in the same condition as when it left its departure point. This goes for the entire piano, from top to bottom, front and back. If we can see bare wood, then we haven’t done our job properly. It also helps to keep any dust from entering the internal mechanics of the piano too.

4. Once the lid has been secured correctly, anything that sticks out and can be removed has been removed and the piano has been fully padded, only then will we shrink-wrap it to ensure that everything stays in place. We use high quality shrink wrap which not only adds another layer of protection, but also creates a more improved dust retardant also.



Only once all of these things have been accounted for, checked, double-checked, and signed off will the piano then be moved. Epping Removals have been doing this for years and we haven’t hit a bum note yet. Nor do we intend to…

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