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How a tube strike can affect the residents of Epping

Overall, people who book Removals Company Epping with us don’t regret it. Especially, the town is an idyllic setting with a lot to offer. While Epping is an appealing place with many local attractions, including Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest and the exciting Club 195 on Cottis Lane, there is one problem that can dramatically impact local residents: a tube strike. Having a tube strike in Epping can have devastating effects on its commuters.

How did the tube strike in Epping affect people?

Due to the 48-hour tube strike earlier this year, Londoners had a recent scare. So, the impact of this type of situation isn’t restricted to the city of London. And many other communities will feel the pressure as people have to come up with other ways to commute. So, in that way, they can get to work or visit loved ones. To those involved in the strike, it was a push for job security and action that was meant to send a strong message to the Rail, Maritime and Transportation (RMT) union.

To the average person, it was a huge headache that in some cases wound up costing them time and money. News of a second tube strike was very upsetting, but luckily this second attempt did not happen as both unions managed to reach an agreement.

While Epping was saved from a second possible strike, it brings up a question every resident should consider. How will a tube strike impact my town? For those who had to go to work during those 2 days, they discovered that it took longer just to get to the office and back home again. This would present a very bad situation for Epping removals scheduled during a strike.


How the professionals impact a tube strike?

Some professionals are finding ways to reduce the impact a tube strike can have on productivity. During the recent strike, office space was made available with WiFi and basic office amenities for workers. Other businesses are opting for more telecommuting options which will permit employees to work from home in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.
Accordingly, the London underground has become a huge part of many people’s lives. So, thousands use it every day. Waterloo, the busiest station in the system, accommodates approximately 57,000 people during its 3 hour morning rush hour. While the Epping station may not be as busy as Waterloo, it is still a vital route for those living in nearby communities.


The Trusted Epping Removals Solution

Especially, those who book Epping Removals in the coming months should plan for this type of situation. So, it’s the very few things that can have a negative impact if you choose to move to the area.

If possible, have an alternate travel option in mind. If not find out if your employer will provide a remote access solution. A tube strike can have an enormous impact on residents if they are not prepared. The key is planning for the possibility of a strike so you don’t find yourself stuck for hours in traffic.