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Nightclubs in Epping

Epping, situated about 12 miles from the City of London, is a discerning choice for nightlife. It’s upmarket and London-centric without the crowds and hassle. Think Kensington style but in the east rather than the west.

Also, Epping is located in what is described as the “Golden Triangle”. An ara noted for its classy properties, high-end lifestyle and excellent links to the City. Plus it’s got the added benefits of green space and open countryside.

There are two nightclubs in Epping: the Villa, which is quite new, and Club 195, which has been around for several years. They are both located in Cottis Lane, which is situated behind the High Street. The Villa opened its doors in June 2012 and offers a discerning experience and suits all types of clubbers.

From those who want to party until dawn and groups who would like to drink and dine with a lounge experience. Also, it is often frequented by famous faces. Epping has long been a location of choice to live and party for celebrities. So, musicians, actors, sports personalities, it has a very late licence, to 4.30 am on Fridays and Saturdays.


Nightclubs in Epping – Club 195  and Villa Clubs

Club 195 has long been on the Epping scene. So, it would describe itself as funky and trendy. Whereas the Villa has a slightly different offering, more stylised and glamorous. Also, the emphasis at Club 195 is on the music and the DJs. Although they maintain that they also offer a diverse clubbing experience, from the music and dancing through to the more select atmosphere of the cocktail bar. Again Club 195 is a venue where you can expect to see famous faces, a place to see and be seen.


NightClubs in Epping- Luxe and Nu Bar

In fact, Epping is at the end of the Central Line on the London Underground. It has a good tube service. Both Club 195 and the Villa are within a short walk of the tube station. However, if you are on the tube, one stop away from Epping is Loughton. This city also boasts a couple of night clubs, Luxe and Nu Bar. Luxe styles itself as a club and a destination venue with many different bars to bespoke your experience.

Luxe is a relatively new club which has been around for three years. Nu Bar is definitely more of a bar than a club, I guess the clue is in the name. Nu Bar hugely increased its profile when it featured in TOWIE “The only way is Essex” the hit television series. Located in the High Street and fairly close by to Luxe, both of these clubs are within a ten-minute walk of Loughton tube station.

Nightclubs in Epping and venues within the Golden Triangle that includes Loughton and Epping have shot to prominence in recent times. Particularly after the major success of the television show TOWIE “The Only Way is Essex”. This featured the lifestyle and where to find it. What made it so powerful is that TOWIE is a real part scripted television show. And so those that aspire can really go and be part of the action and these four clubs provide that glamour, style and image in abundance for those that live there.


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