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Epping Post Office Collection Times

 THeThe Royal Mail Collection Times

You can collect your letters from The Royal Mail post box located right next to the entrance to the Post Office in Epping six times a week. The Epping post office collection times are as follows:
  • Monday to Friday 6:00PM
  • Saturday 11:30 AM
You can visit the Post Office in Epping located on High Street. Please click here to see the map showing where exactly in Epping it is. The Royal Mail collects from Harlow Delivery at Stone Cross at 6.30 pm. This...
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List of Removal Companies in Epping

There are plenty of other removal companies available in the area, and although we want to provide you with our services, we think it only fair that everyone in the Epping region is the given the opportunity to make their own choice. Feel free to take a look around and compare us to the other companies in the area. We like to think you should have a choice when it comes to price, service, and availability. There are a number of reputable companies that we can...
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Nightclubs in Epping

Epping, situated about 12 miles from the City of London, is a discerning choice for nightlife, upmarket and London centric without the crowds and hassle - think Kensington style but in the east rather than the west. Epping is located in what is described as the “Golden Triangle”, noted for its classy properties, high-end lifestyle and excellent links to the City with the added benefits of green space and open countryside. There are two nightclubs in Epping, the Villa which is quite new and Club...
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How a tube strike can affect the residents of Epping

Overall, people who book Epping removals with us don’t regret it. The town is an idyllic setting with a lot to offer. While Epping is an appealing place with many local attractions, including Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest and the exciting Club 195 on Cottis Lane, there is one problem that can dramatically impact local residents: a tube strike. Having a tube strike in Epping can have devastating effects on it's commuters. Read more

Flood Alerts in Epping: Should You Relocate?

You may not realise it, but approximately 5 million England and Wales residents live in an area that is at-risk for flooding. That translates to around one in every six homes. When floods hit, the impact can be quite intense. Property damage can become very costly. England sees around £1.1 billion in flood damage expenses each year. This is why it is important to set up flood alerts in Epping and surrounding areas. (more…)

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