About Epping Removals Team

Every removal company is only as good as people working in it. Please take your time to learn about Epping Removals team.


About Epping Removals TeamPawel– Customer Service Manager


Pawel is ‘the man with the plan’. Having spent a number of years working in customer service for Swedish Furniture giants IKEA, she knows just how to deal with problems, and more importantly how to deliver solutions. Co-ordinating all of the teams within Epping Removals is no small task, but Pawel makes it look easy, and always ensures the customer receives exactly what it was that they first required. Liaising with clients, co-ordinating team operations, and delivering solutions is just another day in the office for Pawel, and he does it without breaking a sweat.


About Epping Removals TeamSlawek – Removals Supervisor


Slawek is our Removals Supervisor and has many years experience in the preparation, packing, removal, and transit of all sorts of items. If it exists then Slawek has probably moved it, in one way or another. If you are looking to have something moved then Mariusz will be the man who will take your job on personally. His role is to visit clients at their property, assess the requirements for the job involved, offer any advice to ensure that the move runs as efficiently as possible, and make sure you, the customer, are entirely happy with the process and the services being offered. Once all the details have been completed it is Slawek’s responsibility to ensure the team at Epping Removals knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done, as per the clients wishes. He is the head of the process that ensures the customer receives the most effective, professional, and friendly service possible.



About Epping Removals TeamMariusz – Team Member


To call Mariusz just a Team Member is to understate his role within Epping Removals. With years of experience of working in the Epping region he knows the area like the back of his hand. If anyone needs to know which road to go down, when the refuse will be collected, where to go with any issues, and how to deal with them Mariusz is the man we tend to go to. As well as being our ‘well of knowledge’ he also makes sure all of the items being moved are properly packed and placed with Health & Safety for everyone involved being his major priority. Just another integral member of the team – so maybe ‘Team Member’ fits perfectly actually!



Tomasz – Service Coordinator


Tomasz is our self-proclaimed ‘King of the Epping Roads’ and if there is a vehicle he hasn’t driven through the roads of the region then it probably doesn’t exist. His logistics and traffic experience have become an invaluable resource to the company, having got us out of a few traffic jams in our time. His professionalism and enthusiasm is unrivalled within the company, and as our very own ‘Service Coordinator’ he brings both knowledge and expertise to the Epping Removals ever-growing team of experts in their fields. About Epping removals team.



Mateusz – Packing Specialist


The packaging of items, furniture, and equipment is very important to ensure the removal process takes place in a professional and efficient manner. This is where Mateusz comes in. With mind like a Rubik’s cube, he seems to able to package things safely and quickly into places where others would not dare to go. Leading a team of packers, he is responsible for the packing, labelling, and wrapping of each and every one of your items, and he does it with an uncanny ability, checking each and every box before it leaves the departure point. Meticulous and efficient, he is a vitally important member of our operation. He is again a vital cog in the Removals Epping machine.

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